By Jonathan Benaiah (The Ugandan Tourist)

What’s up my reader friends! Happy New Month! Let me know in the comment box below how 2018 is treating you so far. Well for me it’s this Instagram addiction that is just getting stronger with the day. I have quickly developed a love for scrolling through saturated images of food, models and black and white shots by some of my favorite photographers. And my thumb is now used to doing that “double tap” thing.

Well this social media jazz aside, 2018 has already presented a few cool events for tourism promotion within this first quarter including the recently concluded Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo, the Uganda Wildlife Marathon, Africa Fine Coffees Conference and Exhibition, and of course the parties that characterize the country’s everyday nightlife. Uganda was also just recently ranked 18th among the 40 top tourist destinations for the year 2018 by British daily, The Guardian. Click or tap on the image below for the complete list.

Looking forward, the World Cup Trophy arrives in Uganda next week on Tuesday as part of its global tour, and one of the biggest global travel shows kicks off on Wednesday in Germany – ITB Berlin where Uganda will be represented by Tour Operators between 7th and 11th March. In addition the Easter weekend is just around the corner, I bet you’ve already seen a couple of family holiday packages flooding your timeline. Big plans, Big events, A bit of traveling and some huge announcements coming up soon; so far so good!

But back to the reason I set out to write this short update today… I learned recently that cable/satellite TV channel Nat Geo Wild popularly known for wildlife and natural history programming will be bringing to screen a brand new documentary on Africa’s Tree Climbing Lions. Yes Lions in Africa climb, but only in a few special places; particularly the Serengeti in Tanzania, but more famously in the Ishasha region of Queen Elizabeth National Park, an incredible Biodiveristy hotspot in Uganda. I am told some have been sighted in the sausage trees of Kidepo Valley National Park, up north.

Seasoned videographers and photographers, Alexander Braczkowski Jnr, Steve Winter, Matt Myhill and Luke Ochse were in Uganda last year (around late October) in pursuit of these unusual kings of the jungle who not only rule the savanna plains but also savor the glorious views of the African wilderness from on-high (above, in the fig trees).

Why do they climb?

Well I have attended various debates on why these lions climb trees with some theories suggesting that the large felines reach for higher ground to get better views of the savanna grazers after which they launch surprise attacks on prey; while other arguments present a need to get off the hot African ground to reach for the cooler points high in the trees for a cool afternoon nap. One other interesting theory from a scientist friend of mine suggests that all cats (with no exception to the Big Cats) have an inherent ability to climb, although most of them choose not to. Whether true or false, let’s leave that discussion to the scientists.

Going through Alexander’s Instagram posts, you can easily tell how ecstatic he was and how lost for words tourists always are at the sight of this wonder of the world, “the tree climbing lions of Ishasha”.

Let’s roll a few of those Instagram shots here…

The team at the Equator in Uganda.
Yes those are lions in the trees
A branch for a throne.
You just can’t get enough of these lions
They make Queen Elizabeth National Park special. An absolute medley of wonders!
Family time, is always good time!
Okay this is the last one… or maybe one from NatGeoWild as well.

And a final one from Steve Winter
Haha please bear with me. This adorable one just had to find some space too. I promise he’ll be the last.

I know you can’t get enough of these shots so go ahead, scroll through their Instagram feeds; they have some really cool photos on there: NatGeoWildAlexanderSteveMattand Luke.

As one avid lover and promoter of tourism, particularly tourism in Uganda, I am always pleased with any kind of positive PR for Destination Uganda. And of course, like all other big announcements on the National Geographic Channel, I cant wait to watch this new documentary.

Till next time, I remain yours truly, The Ugandan Tourist.

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My old folks call me Jonathan Benaiah but I prefer to go by as “The Ugandan Tourist“. I love to travel, write, take photos (of nature mostly). Ask me my best kind of trips and I'll tell you that it's those moments which allow me enough time in the African bush.