A poem by Jonathan Benaiah (The Ugandan Tourist)

Swinging in the Clouds in Bali, Indonesia

Imagine an unusual swing,

Deep inside a dense and dark forest,

In the community of green beings,

In a gathering of trees olden.

Mossy Bwindi Forest. Image by cowyeow

Imagine an unusual swing,

Rocking you back and forth,

Over brooks of shiny waters,

Swinging you back and forth through a hazy jungle,

Wetting you with friendly sprinkles from streams of endless flow.

A creek in Bwindi. Image by Tom McShane

Imagine an unusual swing,

Sending you afloat,

Granting you views of sacred waterfalls,

Leading you towards the monkeys’ concert,

And back through an airspace shared with birds of many colors.

A milky waterfall. Image by chaserbob8

Imagine an unusual swing,

Giving you panned jungle melodies,

Remixed by distant echoes of African drums,

On a baseline of the breeze whipping the river bank,

A lovely soundtrack of safari harmonies.

Image by Cannon Taylor Photos

Imagine an unusual swing,

Transporting you through a land royal,

Bringing you before kings, queens and nobles,

In the preserve of gentle giants.

In Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Photo by Bart Wursten

We are free to imagine a swing unusual,

Slinging us through the gorilla kingdom.

But in a world where fairies only dance in tales,

A journey on foot through this misty empire still flips the magical switch,

Still presents that treasured orchestra of a dream trip – The Gorilla Tracking Experience

Baby gorilla. Image by Art of Safari

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My old folks call me Jonathan Benaiah but I prefer to go by as “The Ugandan Tourist“. I love to travel, write, take photos (of nature mostly). Ask me my best kind of trips and I'll tell you that it's those moments which allow me enough time in the African bush.