The Heart of SAFARI

‘The Heartbeat Of SAFARI’, I just premiered a short film, one of my newest and certainly most incredible pieces.

The Heartbeat Of SAFARI is a letter in unprecedented times from a place of extraordinary beauty, rich wildlands, cascading waterfalls, dramatic mountain ranges, and spectacular seascapes.

In the short motion pictures I reveal a story of a land that once welcomed many, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, now looks forward to when the better days return.

As COVID-19 wraps tourism boards, associations, leisure, and events travel companies in the wishful thinking of when the good old days will return, we believe that there hasn’t been an event in recent global times that has potentially forced small, medium and large companies back to the starting line. We must rethink how tourism survives this pandemic, recovers from it and thrives thereafter. For a long time, we have been stuck in the perfect “instagramable” marketing moment but it will be a while until long-haul travel kicks back in.

For now, I can’t help but get you to dream dream dream.

The world’s travel and tourism industry will perhaps return to the starting line in 3 or 6 months but things won’t be as they used to be. We will begin to rebuild visibility, reputation, trust, and communication. A huge influencing factor being how fast scientists can avail the world a workable vaccine.

Until that time comes, now is the ultimate window of chance for event organizers, tourism boards, hoteliers, tour operators etc. to not only aspire for the normal days but put in the necessary effort to re-strategize and evolve.

Now FREE and available on YouTube and Facebook you can watch The Heartbeat Of SAFARI, a short film by Jonathan Benaiah on the link below.

Please Feel free to share. It is absolutely FREE, but supports me. Thanks to everyone that tuned in for the premiere on Saturday.

The Heart of SAFARI

I trust you will love The Heart of SAFARI; I enjoyed creating it. 

Shout out to my friends who contributed footage to this piece.



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