The Uganda Safari News (TUSNUG) is a reflection of a local youth’s travel experiences. My old folks call me Jonathan Benaiah but I prefer to go by as “The Ugandan Tourist“. After a couple of years lived in Europe and parts of North America, I returned home to Uganda for school, quickly developed a love for nature and eventually graduated with a Bachelors in Tourism from Makerere University.  Now extremely passionate about travel and tourism, and ecstatic about sharing my stories with the world, I pick out just a little bit from my adventures in Uganda, East Africa (Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Kenya) and around the world; a few finely selected peak moments for your eyes only. With experience gained through the years of working in Uganda’s travel industry, I also share on this Blog some trendy tourism news along with invaluable insights on what to expect and how to plan to enjoy a safari to Uganda and other parts of East Africa. Looking for something, you just can’t seem to find? Please hit the Contact tab. I will get you some answers.

“I Welcome You To Experience the Africa I so Dearly Love”