World Photography Day

Uganda is an uncompromising expanse of lush green forests, pristine savanna grasslands dotted with countless species of bird, plant and animal life; many water bodies, high mountains, and the most friendly people on this planet. Uganda is a compacted paradise stretching from the source of the River Nile to the edge of the western arm of the Great Rift Valley, to the world’s largest volcanic base, close to the origins of man, and she features permanent snow just a few meters from the equator.

Uganda is a place undiscovered but one offering an opportunity to taste modernity juxtaposed with rural life, home to so many differently-diverse peoples and cultures; she might just be a summary of our very own planet, Earth.  I join Sir Winston Churchill in reiterating that Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa.

This and more is what my blog is all about and I invite you to enjoy this journey of the soul and mind to the Pearl of Africa through my pen, notebook, and camera. I trust you’ll find something for your interest.


Ugandan Tourist