Kanye West In Uganda
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I would have loved to make things formal and I have not had enough time to edit this, but given that time is never an ally, I’d request that I share this here.
It’s quite visible that Kanye West’s visit has attracted some good vibes, but maybe on top of ensuring that they enjoy a peaceful stay here, we could make a win for ourselves.
Yes, Aljazeera, USA Today, TMZ, Daily Mail and more have already caught the cold. Uganda is in the news, and it’s positive news.
First things first, I am not a big fan of theirs, but I have a thought that might build us.
Yes, Kanye is here for his album but he found time to enjoy a safari in one of our more popular parks, and this is a plus. We can’t wait for them to share about our beautiful country; it actually doesn’t really matter how long that will take.
You can already see that their few hours here so far have already fetched us constructive PR in western press for something positive. They’d probably have done a visit to the Source of the Nile in Jinja too, but maybe the time vis-à-vis priorities might not let them do that.
I have however been pondering with a couple of enthused friends from within and beyond the tourism sector in Uganda about how we could maximise their time here.
I know they have their own program, but it’s still worth the attempt, and definitely worth the bargain. What better time than when they are on our own soils.
The thought: How about we offer them a treat?
So here is what we think.
1- The Government of Uganda comes out to officially welcome them to the Pearl of Africa; well at least it’s confirmed they are here.
2- The Government of Uganda offers them a one-day complimentary gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Yes, I more than anyone know we have more than just the gorillas but, that would be our lowest hanging fruit given the limited time.
I bet they have the money to be airlifted there, but even still if the State is to pay for their flight to the gorilla trek and back (same day) it’s a worthwhile investment given that Kanye, Kim and Big Sean have a huge network of followers which includes a high net worth of people from around the globe.
If Kanye is busy with his album, we can pitch to his wife. I am told she spends the whole day at the Chobe Safari Lodge pool sincerely. Ooba talina bulunji byakukola. I even think the trek guided by our own minister would add bunzaali, I’d actually go all guns in and have the president guide that trip if he were in the country.
Reading all the articles and seeing the many photos and videos, you can tell that Marasa and a few other service providers have maxed this one to their advantage, but maybe we could even shine the light brighter on Uganda as a whole, rather than acting “all Hail Mary”. They are celebrities for the least, international celebrities to cry out loud.
Yes, I started out with the word urgent. Sad bit is that we have to move fast, in case they decide to fly out before the 19th October.
Yours Truly,
A lover of Tourism and Uganda.
Jonathan Benaiah (The Ugandan Tourist)

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