Uganda sunset

Uganda, for its small size, makes it astounding to think of how much is packed into a space so small.

The country is an uncompromising expanse of lush green forests, pristine savanna grasslands dotted with countless species of bird, plant, and animal life; many water bodies including Africa’s biggest lake, high mountains, and some of the most friendly people on this planet. Uganda is a compacted paradise stretching from the source of the River Nile to the edge of the western arm of the Great Rift Valley, to the world’s largest volcanic base, close to the origins of man, and she features permanent snow just a few meters from the equator.

Uganda is a place undiscovered but one offering an opportunity to taste modernity juxtaposed with rural life, home to so many differently-diverse peoples and cultures; she might just be a summary of our very own planet, Earth.  In this blogpost join Sir Winston Churchill in reiterating that Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa.

These 25 photos will most definitely warm your travel bug and inspire you to travel to this East African country soon…



Equator line Uganda
Uganda is located astride the equator, giving it one of the best weather conditions on the planet.


Nile River Murchison
Uganda protects both the source of the Nile as well as the most powerful point on this, the world’s longest river | Photo of the Murchison Waterfall, believed to be the most powerful waterfall on earth


mountain gorillas uganda
Home to more than 50% of the world’s few surviving mountain gorillas. Best place for a gorilla tracking holiday


Elephant Uganda
Home to all the African Big Five | Photo of an Elephant in Queen Elizabeth National Park


leopard uganda
Leopard photographed in Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda


Rhinos Ziwa Uganda
Walking with Rhinos at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Uganda


Lion Uganda
Home to a healthy population of lions including the rare tree-climbing lions; yes they climb trees!


Giraffes in Uganda
Home to the largest recorded population of Rothschilds giraffes in the wild


Waterbucks Uganda
Many ungulates | Photo of waterbucks crossing the dirt road in Ishasha, Queen Elizabeth National Park


Zebras Kidepo Uganda
Zebras graze way | Kidepo Valley National Park, Uganda


Hippopotamus Uganda
Uganda has a huge population of hippos including some odd-looking ones, haha


Happy Uganda people
A melting pot of African cultural diversity and very hospitable people 


Uganda beautiful people
Over 56 different ethnic groups with dissimilar languages and traditions


lush green Uganda
Some of the oldest forests on the planet | The country is a model for the conservation of fauna and flora


Remote and virgin Uganda
Remote, undiscovered and virgin, offering intimate experiences even for the most experienced traveler


waterfalls Uganda
The total area of 235 880 km2, 15% of which is occupied by freshwater swamps and lakes.


Sipi Falls, Uganda
Sipi Falls, Kapchorwa in Uganda


Rolex Uganda
Odd roadside snacks like the popular Rolex | In Uganda we don’t wear it, we eat it


Read my article on how to prepare and eat a Ugandan Rolex.


Birding Uganda
Uganda is a birder’s haven with at least 11% of the world’s bird species and more than 50% of Africa’s birds


goose Uganda
Goose | Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda


Sunrise Pian Upe, Uganda
Some of the best sunrises and sunsets in Africa | Photo of sunrise in Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve, Uganda


Sunset Mount Moroto Uganda
Sunset atop Mount Moroto, Northeastern Uganda


Sunrise, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda
Sunrise in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda


Sunset, Karamoja Uganda
Sunset in Karamoja, Uganda


Stunning landscape Uganda
Contrastingly stunning landscapes | Photo of yours truly at Kidepo Valley National Park, Uganda


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My old folks call me Jonathan Benaiah but I prefer to go by as “The Ugandan Tourist“. I love to travel, write, take photos (of nature mostly). Ask me my best kind of trips and I'll tell you that it's those moments which allow me enough time in the African bush.